Foot Massager Reviews

Welcome to legandfootmassager.com. A good foot massager can relax and lessen pain and symptoms occurring due to swollen aching feet, improper blood and lymph circulation, venous stasis ulcerations, varicose veins, lymphedema, plantar fasciitis syndrome, diabetic foot and a host of other foot related conditions.

Foot massagers are new but foot massage has been practiced and enjoyed for hundreds of years. There are 7000 nerves in the foot and a good foot massage can give pleasure and tranquility and is a great stress buster. So even a healthy man with no chronic foot condition can gain pleasure and relief with the use of foot massagers. Yes, it feels damn good when done right.

I am an occupational therapist and have experience with plenty of foot massagers. Below I list a few of the best ones that I believe will hold you in good stead.

1, The La Comfy Leg Calf Foot Massager

In my opinion, the best pneumatic leg and calf massager in its class(for the price) that is also very good value for money. Then unit provides massage by way of a squeezing action made possible by the systematic inflation and deflation of its 16 airbags. Since the massager does not make use of the usual kneading disc that is the bane of many traditional massagers of yesteryear and instead uses air pressure the users will experience a smooth, soothing and pain-free massage experience. No more chunkiness. The massager has preset modes for varying intensity, weighs 20lbs and consumes about 80 watts of power.

Unlike the UComfy leg massager reviewed below the Lacomfy massager has gentler massage modes and is good for people with delicate feet. One can also crank up the massage intensity and get a stronger massage experience. It also has the vibration mode for the feet and can give your soles a good workout with its vibrations. I notice some people complaining about the vibrating feature but I can personally guarantee that it works very well indeed. If you want the strongest pneumatic massager then, by all means, go for the Ucomfy massager reviewed below, but if you want a more refined massage experience that also takes care of delicate feet you can safely buy this.

All in all, I am happy with this purchase, so much that I got one for my mom too. She is 59 years old and diabetic. I have seen her squeeze her tired restless legs with her hands so many times. Now she is so much at peace and uses this every day. As a son, it brings me great satisfaction to be able to take the pain away from my mother who gave me life and everything else.

2, The Leg Beautifician pneumatic leg massager

The Leg Beautifician C-22 ultra deluxe airbags pneumatic Leg and Calf Massager is an “air” foot massager that uses pneumatic pressure generated from its 6 airbags to grip and knead the calves and foot. This stands apart from other mechanical foot massagers that feel clunky. The airbags are soft but exert firm pressure to give a strong relaxing massage experience – no more clunkiness and itchy feeling that’s common with some of the other non-pneumatic calf and leg massagers.

The Leg Beautifician C-22 also features a vibration mode that massage the soles of the feet. The massager has three modes of vibrations and kneading. All the massage functions can be easily accessed by buttons on the switch panel. The auto shut off feature kicks in after 15 min and you will need to wait a while before switching on again, this fact is typical of all such massagers.

The Leg Beautifician C-22 is a top class massager that uses a combination of kneading and vibration modes to offer a very relaxing massage. This is the massager I own and I have no complaints about it. But there is something you should know, this massager is not a mild one, it gives you a thorough strong massage and even the mild mode is pretty firm in my opinion. So if you have delicate feet or want something milder you might want to consider La Comfy Leg and Foot Massager reviewed above. However, if you want a strong foot massager I highly recommend this.

3, beautyko air-o-sage leg massager

You can call The Air-O-Sage leg massager a much toned down and much cheaper version of the Powerpress Circulator. This leg massager provides gentle massage of the foot calf and leg via compression modes. It is non-invasive and comfortable. This compression treatment is caused by the inflating and deflating chambers of the massage boots. It’s like you get a gentle squeeze on your foot, calf, and leg.

The Air-O-Sage leg massager is good as a relaxer. But the motor isn’t the strongest so it is not equipped to give a strong massage, but if you are looking at gentle relaxing squeeze then this is the one for you. It’s also good for senior citizens as it offers gentle massage and will not hurt the bones and the whole set is pretty silent. Again this massager works well for people suffering from Lymphedema. It relieves sores and decreases swelling and fluid build up in the legs.

If you need a strong massage and relief from severe lymphodema and swelling I would urge you to spend the extra cash and go for Powerpress Circulator (reviewed below), but if you are on a budget the Air-O-Sage leg massager is good value for money.

4, Dr Scholl’s hot & cold massager

Dr. Scholl’s DRMA7802 Hot and Cold Foot Massager is one of the first therapeutic hot and cold massagers to come out in the market and is also perhaps the finest massager of its type. It’s a long lasting massager and does not need any special lubrication. Reliability is not a problem with this product and Dr. Scholl’s franchise has over 100 years of experience dealing with foot care products.

There is a fan and a thermal warmer to impart the heat, but that’s not all, there are 2 pairs of kneaders that do a good job of kneading the sole of the foot. We found it quite relaxing but one will need to move the foot a bit to reach all areas and receive the maximum exposure and effectiveness. The motor is pretty strong and one can get a stronger massage with a bit of pressure. However, if you want a deep foot massager and/or if you are suffering from deep-rooted acute plantar fasciitis syndrome or similar conditions you might want to try the stronger but costlier MediRub Foot Massager.

All in all a pretty good foot massager and we recommend it for people on a tight budget. Will do the job, but if money is not a constraint and you want a full leg(calf and foot) massager I suggest considering the products reviewed above.

5, Sanyo zero gravity foot massager

The SANYO Zero Gravity Foot Massager is at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to foot massagers. It features the much-touted zero gravity massaging capability coupled with undulating shiatsu sole massage with airbag compression massage and heat therapy. Undoubtedly the best leg and foot massager we have tested is a pretty expensive massager. The cost is the only reason we haven’t given it the “Editors Choice” label, but for sheer features and massage capabilities, it blows every other leg massager out of the water.

So what’s the flashy zero gravity feature? This massager can automatically adjust the incline of the massager according to your body position. The gliding base allows for the auto adjustment that makes for what they call the zero gravity feature. You could even lie on your back and have your legs stretched in front of you, the massager will still adjust the incline and give you wonderful massage with its 11 airbags. The massager always maintains an ergonomic angle according to your body position. Its actually pretty cool and the added flexibility makes for a great experience.

The massager comes with a hand-held remote that will allow you to customize the massage experience. You can change the intensity of the massage, turn on the heat or choose a mode that will pay more attention to the sole calf or foot. If that’s not enough, there are also modes for a shiatsu massage or a relaxing massage.
How can a massage be so customizable you might ask. Well, there are 11 airbags that hold each leg securely. The airbags are of small and large sizes and each airbag compresses and inflates independently. With so much flexibility within the massager, you can get you a fully customizable massage with the click of a button.

6, Powerpress compression circulator

We have come across dozens of foot massagers that work in different modes and styles, but there is no doubt in our minds that the Powerpress Sequential Compression Circulator is by far one of the best foot massagers and perhaps the closest device that mimics a human massage. The reason this feels very similar to the way a massage therapist’s massage is the fact that it is not all mechanical, in the sense that it uses air pressure to massage, grip and squeeze the legs to give utmost relief and satisfaction.

It comes with 2 leg garments and a pump to build pneumatic pressure. It has a timer and the pressure range is 0-235mmHG. It takes just 7 sec to inflate or deflate a chamber and there are 4 such sequential chambers. These 4 chambers exert pneumatic pressure to give a soft but firm massage. Look at the pic on the right to understand how the massage process works. As you can see from the picture the air pressure builds in the 4 compartments to give a realistic human squeeze like massage.

This circulator and massaging device is very good at improving lymphatic blood flow. It exerts gradient air pressure that is greatest at the ankle region and pressure tapers down as it reaches the thighs – this type of massage improves venous blood circulation and tones down leg fatigue, swelling, varicosities, and other leg conditions and problems that are caused due to physical or lifestyle issues.

This is the real deal. If you are in the market to get a massager that can give you incredibly satisfying squeeze type massage then this is the massager to buy. If you have tired, swollen aching feet and ankles then you will benefit greatly from this. This is also the best massaging device for patients suffering from varicose veins. I have used various types of massages but I tend to prefer the one that can accurately mimic the squeeze type massage of a masseur and if you are anything like me then look no further. It is a tad expensive but well worth the money and should last you a long time.

Foot Massager Benefits

  • A good foot massage brings immense satisfaction, pleasure, and tranquility. The human feet is home to the solar plexus that is basically a treasure chest of nerves which when stimulated reduces stress and strain to renew the body.
  • Good blood circulation is essential to transport nutrition and oxygen throughout the body. Adequate lymph and blood circulation is also important to cleanse the toxins from the body. Stress and strain cause constriction of blood circulation. A good foot massage can improve blood circulation and improve the overall body function.
  • Enhances homeostasis – which is a state when the different functions of the various organs work in harmony with each other. In short good health and better immune system.
  • The soles of the foot have over 7000 nerves that are trigger points to pockets of energy according to reflexology theory. When the foot is optimally massaged and stimulated it has the potential to allows the energy to flow throughout the body without any blockage.
  • Enhancement of Immunity. Regular foot massage promotes healing and improved immunity against stress-related diseases. If you have a stressful and busy life a foot massager can help you and is a good investment for the entire family.

How To Give a Foot Massage