How to Give a Foot Massage

foot massage

Build the mood by creating a good atmosphere. A cool drink and some nice smelling oils can transform the ambiance of the room positively.

Start by cleaning the foot. You could give the receiver a nice foot bath or pedicure. Use a mild scrubber and remove any dead cells and dirt.

Start by holding the foot and applying mild pressure from the toe to the ankle. Make sure to cover both sides of the foot. Many people neglect the top part of the foot and only massage the soles which are not ideal.

Now use both thumbs to apply pressure on the toe part of the foot and slide it towards the ankle whilst applying uniform pressure.

Hold the heel in one hand and with the base or heel of your hand and apply pressure and slide from the heel to the toe.

Now its time to flex the toes. Hold the foot at the heel with one hand and with the other hand hold the upper part of the foot. Now rotate the toes while applying some pressure at the same time. Also, rotate and stretch each toe gently. This will make the foot supple and promote good blood circulation.

Finally, hold the foot at the heel with one hand and with a closed fist apply pressure and slide towards the toe.

You can repeat the massage cycle a few times. It can be a strainful process which is why a foot massager or even a handheld massager can be of great help.